Fit by Nature

Every year the “Chantiers nature – fit by nature” project gives the opportunity to get to know the natural reserves managed by natur&ëmwelt and to take actively part in nature protection. Further these activities give you the chance to experience a lovely day in nature and meet like-mindet people. In the context of the Life Orchis project, several activities will be organised:

7.10.2017: Calcareous grasslands on the luxembourgish Moselle “Scheierbierg”

09.12.2017: Maintenance Work in the former gypsum pit in Bous “Hiewelbierg”

Fit by nature

In the context of the “chantiers nature – Fit by nature”, Life Orchis is organiser of the action harvesting seeds of typical dry grasslands species. The seed of the typical species is needed to give start-up aid to freshly cleared areas and bring back these characteristic species.

The meeting place is the parking “monument pour les victimes de la route” from Junglinster in direction Eschweiler. Those who are interested to participate are requested to contact Georges Moes: 26 66 55 37 /

Celebration 25 anniversary of Natura 2000 and LIFE together with LIFE ORCHIS

Anlässlich des 25. Geburtstages des europäischen Natura 2000 Schutzgebietsnetzes und des europäischen LIFE Programmes lud natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur zu einer Feier nach Junglinster. Auf dem Groeknapp stelle das, von natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur derzeit durchgeführte LIFE ORCHIS Projekt Ergebnisse der bisherigen Arbeit vor.

Mike Hagen erster Schöffe der Gemeinde Junglinster unterstrich die besondere Bedeutung einer ökologisch wertvollen Landschaft und der damit verbundenen Herausforderungen vor dem Hintergrund der zukünftigen kommunalen Entwicklung.

En Dag an der Natur 2017

Already for the 20th time natur&ëmwelt organises the campaign “En Dag an der Natur”. This gives an opportunity to organisations, clubs, communes and others to organise an activity under the subject of nature an environment protection. Life Orchis also contributes an event to this with 2 walking-tours along its areas. These bring the opportunity to get to know the dry grasslands with orchids and to spend a nice time in nature.

The dates for the walking-tours are:


En Dag “Ouni Pestiziden”

The day without pesticides takes place from 24.-25. March 2017 in Junglinster. On Friday evening, beside the official welcome, a humorist spectacle, a questions-and-answers-discussion and a reception are presented. On Saturday, after the official welcome by the Minister for the Environment, different talks and Workshops are offered all day long. The Life Orchis Team will also be present and inform on the project and its habitats.

For further information: