Restauration work in Junglinster, Bous and Schengen

In the context of the Life Orchis project restauration work is done in the communes of Junglinster, Bous and Schengen. These works include scrub clearing, as well as the removal of inappropriate forest-tree species. The scrub clearing contains cutting back of vegetation and the reduction of scrub cover. The removal of inappropriate forest-tree species includes the elimination of trees which would not grow on these surfaces naturally. These actions allow a better insolation of the surfaces as well as the reduction of concurrence for the sensitiv species of dry grassland. To be applied for these works are lighter machines as brushcutters as well as bigger machines, as excavators with special cutting tools and a transformed snow groomer.

On the following areas restauration work has been realized during the season 2016/17:

  • Bous – Scheierbierg: removal of black pines, scrub removal
  • Bous – Fuuselach: scrub removal, fence construction
  • Bous – enner Këpp: fence construction
  • Bous – Hiewelbierg: scrub removal
  • Schengen – Kléibierg: scrub removal
  • Junglinster – Péiteschbierg: clearing of material, scrub removal, fence construction
  • Graulinster – Kuolenterknapp: removal of black pines and robinia, scrub removal
  • Junglinster – Hölzeklöppel: scrub removal
  • Junglinster – Breinert: scrub removal, pose de clôtures
  • Junglinster – Schëddelbierg: pose de clôtures
  • Junglinster – Weimericht: scrub removal
  • Junglinster – Groebierg Beidweiler: scrub removal